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Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church
"The Lighthouse and Way Station in the Brunswick, Maryland Community"

Rev. Louis M. Kelly, Pastor
Rev. Kaye C. Coates, Associate Pastor

WELCOME TO THE LIGHTHOUSE! Have you ever visited a lighthouse? Have you ever wondered about its purpose? Primarily, lighthouses shined their lights to aid people in knowing where they where in conjunction with where they needed to be. The lighthouse also provided a safe-haven where people could seek refuge from a storm. In order for a lighthouse to be an effective aid to navigators, it needed to be heard and seen, as well as occupy a unique location.

Ebenezer-Brunswick is characterized as having like attributes and with like purposes. Ebenezer serves as a safe-haven where people can seek refuge, restoration, healing, and refreshing from the storms of life. As the light, we show people the way to everlasting life by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how to live this life by teaching the principles of Christianity. The Ebenezer Lighthouse is a:

Gospel Herald (heard) – We are redeemed people of God; sinners saved by God's Amazing Grace and transformed by His unconditional love. Our message for today ... God is not a respecter of persons; His love extends to all people.

Visible Icon (seen)  – Ebenezer makes visible the love of God by reaching out to the homeless, the hopeless, the addicted, those in physical, emotional, economic, and spiritual need whether they are adults, teens, or children.

Strategic Site (unique location)  – God strategically placed Ebenezer in the Brunswick community over 100 years ago. Our foundation is on Jesus Christ, the rock and chief cornerstone, who is the light of the world. Therefore, Ebenezer is God’s beacon of light for a community on whom darkness too often attempts to overwhelm.

Are you trying to see your way clear?  Do you need an encouraging word?  Are you looking for a safe place where you can rest from a laborious journey?  Are you ready catch the wave of the Spirit and purposefully ride it out?  Ebenezer-Brunswick is the place to be.

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